B/X Stabbing Party

Into the Smoke
Or: Out of the frying pan, and into the fire

Party Roster:

  • Antim Waruchar the Acolyte (Guillaume)
  • Frist the Medium (Kyle)
  • Obi the Veteran (Karl)

Date: 8th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

After clearing the ogre’s lair, the party proceeded through the connecting door, entering the goblins’ smoke filled lair. Some goblins were busy filling skins with water, and running down the hallway. They were quickly dispatched, and further exploration in the smoke-filled place revealed further tunnels, beds, and the common room where the goblins eat. Here four more were encountered and dispatched, then two more with crossbows appeared, took some shots and ran off. Reeling from smoke inhalation, the party withdrew.

Exploring outside, finding another path between the bush and the canyon wall, they saw a patrol of hobgoblins on the middle level above them. Frist quickly put them to sleep, and the part slaughtered them all in front of their cave. A heated battle quickly started at the entrance to their lair, with a lot of burning oil flung in faces. After several fell, the rest fled down the various tunnels. Obi led the chase after them, encountering the hobgoblins’ common room, filled with young hobgoblins, some women, and four spearmen who were ready for them. After a brief hesitation and some words from the fleeing hobgoblin, they threw their spears, nearly taking Obi down.

After that, everyone withdrew out of the canyon, into the bushes.

Monsters slain: 8x goblins, 12x hobgoblins
XP from monsters: 220, 73xp per person (before personal bonuses)

Treasure gained:

84 copper
179 silver
5 electrum
10 gold

The Burning

Party Roster:

  • Antim Waruchar the Acolyte (Guillaume)
  • Frist the Medium (Kyle)
  • Obi the Veteran (Karl)

Date: 7th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

After observing the dogmen and the goblins gathering water at the stream, our party set to work gathering shrubs and wood, in order to start a fire to smoke out the goblin cave entrance. After a bit of gathering, a goblin hunting party returned, carrying the carcass of a freshly slain deer with them. Frist promptly cast sleep, and they all fell down, and were quickly dispatched while they lay there. They were carrying 19 silver pieces in their pouches.

Our party retreated out of the dense bush back to the taller forest to camp for the night. During the night, a party of creatures speaking orcish went by, close to the party, but did not encounter them.

In the morning, the party returned, gathering brushes and lighting fires at the entrance to the goblin cave. After getting the fire started, they noticed a trail squeezing between the ridge and some brush, not 20 feet away. Investigating, they saw an ogre wearing a bear skin, sleeping deeply. Frist quickly lit a flask of oil and smashed it on him, and then the party retreated to the entrance to another cave, on the north side of the door, which they discovered was locked. They jammed rocks and pebbles into the lock, and then were interrupted as the badly burned ogre emerged from his cave, raging about. The party hid behind some bushes, and the ogre started to spread the large fire apart with his club, limiting its effectiveness. Everyone then snuck up on him, permissible due to the roaring fire, and Obi dispatched him with a single stab in the back.

They then went back to the ogre cave to investigate, discovering smoke emerging and two goblins checking out the ogre’s area. Obi made short work of one, while Antim cracked the skull of the other when it tried to run away. These two goblins were carrying 50 copper and 6 silver. In another hidden room adjacent to the ogre’s bed, a doorway was discovered, slightly ajar, with smoke pouring out of it. A pouch of gold coins lay on the floor in front of the door, dripping with water, and a huge leather sack full of coins and cheese lay next to the ogre’s bed, singed with burn marks where oil splashed on it.

Monsters slain: 8x Goblin, 1x Ogre
XP from monsters: 165

Treasure gained:

535 copper
312 silver
91 electrum
780 gold
hard cheese
keg full of some liquid
6 exquisite arrows
a potion
cleric scroll with cure light wounds and hold person

Encounter at the Stream

With the sun’s last rays catching the tops of the trees at the top of the ridge, you manage to settle, with difficulty, into the thick, uncomfortable brush. Squatting down, it rises over your head, but is thin enough at the top to permit viewing outwards. Not long after taking this position, two squat, grey-skinned humanoids emerge from the cave on the left, about 200 feet away from you. The creatures are about four feet tall, with long, spindly arms that reach down to their knees, and their grey-skinned faces are flat, with a broad, flat nose, and bat-like pointy ears peeking out from a simple leather cap. Each carry a small sword tucked into a belt, which holds crude leather clothing about them. Each is carrying a large bucket, and they make their way to the stream that runs down the middle of the ravine. They enter the small stream, and using their caps they begin to fill the buckets.

While these creatures emerge from the cave, two new creatures approach from the left, descending down a path from one of the upper ledges. They sneak along quietly, getting in front of the cave entrance and behind the smaller creatures. These new creatures stand more than twice as high as the squat ones, taller than any human you’ve ever seen, with the head of a dog, jutting forward from their broad shoulders. Their skin is covered in a pale yellowish-green fur, mottled with darker green spots. Their hands and bare feet end in sharp claws, and they are dressed in sturdy looking leather armour, each wielding a spear, and, like the squat creatures, carrying a bucket.

They get a bit closer to the squat creatures, and then give out a horrible, shrill laugh. The squat creatures jump in surprise, springing out of the stream, away from the laughter. They pull out their swords and spin around. The dogmen laugh some more and point at the half-filled buckets in the stream, and bark out some harsh words (Frist, you can make it out in crude Goblin: “Brings it up!”). The goblins pause and hesitate for a few seconds, then tuck their swords back into their belts, and slump their shoulders in resignation. They take the buckets from the dogmen and fill them. The four creatures then proceed up the path from which the dogmen came.

A quarter of an hour passes with no activity, when one of the goblins that followed the dogmen comes running back down the path, empty handed, terrified. He runs straight back into the cave from which he emerged. Five minutes late two other goblins, one armed with a club, the other a sword, come out, finish filling the initial buckets, and bring them back into the cave.

Another half hour passes with no activity, and the sunlight is getting dimmer and dimmer.

Into the Wilderness
Skeletons at the Mound

Party Roster:

  • Antim Waruchar the Cleric (Guillaume)
  • Frist the Mage (Kyle)
  • Obi the Fighter (Karl)

Date: 5th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

Steve the Elf had a (typically elven) change of mind, abandoned the quest for fortune, as well as his equipment, and slept in.

During the previous evening, the innkeeper was asked about where to go Goblin hunting – he suggested to the northeast, though some monstrous beings have been spotted on the other side of the river.

In the morning, after surveying the landscape from a tower platform, the party set off, heading northeast through the forest. The next day they found a meadow, which contained and old mound with a small cave inside. Investigating, they were met by two skeletons, whom were quickly dispatched, but not before wounding Obi harshly in the shoulder. Around the corner, they were stopped by an erratic humanoid, forbidding anyone to enter the chamber. He demanded the party bring him Norkuling, a priest of Bhaal who he claims was responsible for slaying his companions and resurrecting them as the skeletons.

The party withdrew to the tree-line to rest for the night. In the middle of the night, two red points were seen at the cave entrance, followed by an angry scream, and then silence for the remainder of the night.

The next day, the party continued east, encountering a seldom-used track. Following this north, they discovered a hidden trail through some thick underbrush, leading to the west. At the edge of this underbrush, and just as the sun was setting, the party came upon a long ravine, with signs of obvious activity in the area. A stream flows through the middle of the ravine, with a cave entrance on the left, with the remainder obscured by shrubs.

Our brave heroes snuck back a bit, burrowed into the thick shrubbery, and watched and waited…

Monsters slain: 2x Skeleton
XP Gained: 20
Session duration: 1.5 hours

Castellan Keep

Party Roster:

  • Antim Waruchar the Cleric (Guillaume)
  • Frist the Mage (Kyle)
  • Obi the Fighter (Karl)
  • Steve the Elf (Eric)

Date: 1st Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

Antim, Frist, Obi, and Steve all joined a small merchant caravan travelling from Threshold to Castellan Keep, on the northeastern edge of the Duchy of Karameikos, in the foothills of the Altan Tepes mountains.

After travelling for three days, the party came upon the keep, resting up on a high knoll off of the road. The guards at the gates were suspicious, especially to Steve’s sarcastic claim of having lived his entirely life in the keep. The captain of the watch eventually let them in, and a boy showed them to the inn. There they talked to the lieutenant of the guard, and a refugee from an ambushed caravan, learning about raids on the road to the east, as well as sightings of goblins, bandits, and perhaps something else. The lieutenant thinks there may be some caves somewhere to the east, either in the forest or on the south side of the river, or perhaps in the forest to the north.

While meeting with the refugee from the ambushed caravan, Steve cast detect magic, noticing nothing unusual. He then proceeded to jog around the keep, noticing that the captain of the watch carried magic armour and complementing him on his very magical sword.

Each player should subtract 3 days of standard rations. Those desiring a private room in the inn should deduct 1gp. Those sleeping in the common room should deduct 1sp. Each private room has a box with lock and key, in addition to the key to enter the room.

Session duration: 1 hour


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