Notes on B-X


  • Less important
  • An 18 is more like a 25 in Pathfinder
  • Making an ability check – At various times I may make you make an ability check on behalf of your character. Roll 1d20. You succeed if you roll equal to or under the relevant ability score (such as Strength).


Simplified. Three alignments: Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic. Could also be read as “Very selfless”, “Self comes first, others second”, “Purely selfish”. Your character probably follows in between, but pick the one you want them to be closest to. Like gods/immortals in D&D, alignment has real-world effects. If you act out of alignment, I will adjust your alignment without penalty (at least for the first few levels).


  • From monsters, gold, personal goals and story


  • No skills, use stats/DM decision
  • No feats. Classes have set abilities

Hit Points and Death

  • Characters die at 0 hp. No going unconscious or bleeding out.
  • HP damage doesn’t always represent physical damage, but rather energy/exhaustion levels.
  • When you die, roll a new character. You will be inserted back into the game at the next plausible opportunity.


  • When required to make a saving throw, roll 1d20. You make the save if you roll equal to or above the relevant stat.


  • In dungeons, assumes being thorough
  • Must rest for one turn for every five turns of movement


  • Get spells at level 2


Thieves in B/X kind of suck. House rule: For each bonus point gained from a high Dex score, a thief rolls at one level higher for thief skills. For example, a level 1 thief with a +2 Dex bonus will use a level 3 thief’s stats for thieving skills.

Notes on B-X

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