World Notes


  • Unlike Pathfinder/D&D 3.x, your character is not a hero at first level
  • Slightly above average, but not superheroes
  • Have received specialised training (a farmer cannot just pick up a weapon and become fighter) – either through an institution, or an experienced mentor.




Magic Scrolls

  • Even illiterate people can use them, though they cannot look at them and ascertain which effects will be imparted.


Lack of Scientific Method

  • People find simple explanations for things, or attribute them to divine or magical powers.


  • Because of a lack of understanding, people are more likely to be suspicious. IE. salt to scare away demons

Prevalence of Religion

  • Gods are actually influential.


  • Much more common. Life is not as precious as it is viewed today (which is mostly due to the spread of Christianity and its creed of life being sacred). It’s also not permanent. Murder is not necessarily punishable by death, and may be punishable by weregild, depending on the status of those killed.
  • People are much less sensitive than today, especially with regards to people/animals being killed.


  • Killing not so bad
  • Treason very bad
  • Stealing very bad


  • Those of noble birth seen as naturally more powerful, magical, or favoured by the gods, and tend to be much more feared/respected.


  • Much more common


  • Rural life is more common than urban life
  • Night-time is a lot darker. Getting around in a city is a lot harder
  • Streets are a lot narrower
  • Nowhere near as sanitary as today

On common misconceptions about medieval times:

World Notes

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