B/X Stabbing Party

Into the Smoke

Or: Out of the frying pan, and into the fire

Party Roster:

  • Antim Waruchar the Acolyte (Guillaume)
  • Frist the Medium (Kyle)
  • Obi the Veteran (Karl)

Date: 8th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

After clearing the ogre’s lair, the party proceeded through the connecting door, entering the goblins’ smoke filled lair. Some goblins were busy filling skins with water, and running down the hallway. They were quickly dispatched, and further exploration in the smoke-filled place revealed further tunnels, beds, and the common room where the goblins eat. Here four more were encountered and dispatched, then two more with crossbows appeared, took some shots and ran off. Reeling from smoke inhalation, the party withdrew.

Exploring outside, finding another path between the bush and the canyon wall, they saw a patrol of hobgoblins on the middle level above them. Frist quickly put them to sleep, and the part slaughtered them all in front of their cave. A heated battle quickly started at the entrance to their lair, with a lot of burning oil flung in faces. After several fell, the rest fled down the various tunnels. Obi led the chase after them, encountering the hobgoblins’ common room, filled with young hobgoblins, some women, and four spearmen who were ready for them. After a brief hesitation and some words from the fleeing hobgoblin, they threw their spears, nearly taking Obi down.

After that, everyone withdrew out of the canyon, into the bushes.

Monsters slain: 8x goblins, 12x hobgoblins
XP from monsters: 220, 73xp per person (before personal bonuses)

Treasure gained:

84 copper
179 silver
5 electrum
10 gold



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