B/X Stabbing Party

The Burning

Party Roster:

  • Antim Waruchar the Acolyte (Guillaume)
  • Frist the Medium (Kyle)
  • Obi the Veteran (Karl)

Date: 7th Mirtul, 1357, Year of the Prince

After observing the dogmen and the goblins gathering water at the stream, our party set to work gathering shrubs and wood, in order to start a fire to smoke out the goblin cave entrance. After a bit of gathering, a goblin hunting party returned, carrying the carcass of a freshly slain deer with them. Frist promptly cast sleep, and they all fell down, and were quickly dispatched while they lay there. They were carrying 19 silver pieces in their pouches.

Our party retreated out of the dense bush back to the taller forest to camp for the night. During the night, a party of creatures speaking orcish went by, close to the party, but did not encounter them.

In the morning, the party returned, gathering brushes and lighting fires at the entrance to the goblin cave. After getting the fire started, they noticed a trail squeezing between the ridge and some brush, not 20 feet away. Investigating, they saw an ogre wearing a bear skin, sleeping deeply. Frist quickly lit a flask of oil and smashed it on him, and then the party retreated to the entrance to another cave, on the north side of the door, which they discovered was locked. They jammed rocks and pebbles into the lock, and then were interrupted as the badly burned ogre emerged from his cave, raging about. The party hid behind some bushes, and the ogre started to spread the large fire apart with his club, limiting its effectiveness. Everyone then snuck up on him, permissible due to the roaring fire, and Obi dispatched him with a single stab in the back.

They then went back to the ogre cave to investigate, discovering smoke emerging and two goblins checking out the ogre’s area. Obi made short work of one, while Antim cracked the skull of the other when it tried to run away. These two goblins were carrying 50 copper and 6 silver. In another hidden room adjacent to the ogre’s bed, a doorway was discovered, slightly ajar, with smoke pouring out of it. A pouch of gold coins lay on the floor in front of the door, dripping with water, and a huge leather sack full of coins and cheese lay next to the ogre’s bed, singed with burn marks where oil splashed on it.

Monsters slain: 8x Goblin, 1x Ogre
XP from monsters: 165

Treasure gained:

535 copper
312 silver
91 electrum
780 gold
hard cheese
keg full of some liquid
6 exquisite arrows
a potion
cleric scroll with cure light wounds and hold person



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